Cutting Tools

Gleason Cutting Tools

Gleason, as contractor of Reconda AG, is "The Total Gear Solutions Provider" of the machines, tooling, processes, services and technologies needed to produce bevel and cylindrical gears. The product range include in addition to tools for various production processes CBN and diamond grinding wheels, honing wheels as well as dressing tools.

Cylindrical Cutting Tools

The product range include hobs for involute gearing, chain wheels, crown gears, serration, worm gears, cycloidal gears, gear shafts, multi-start worms, knurled wheels, spline shafts and special gears. Furthermore it includes tooth profile cutters for spur gears, toothed racks, single gear and multigear worms as well as special gear teeth.

Bevel Cutting Tools

Various cutting head systems for one- and two-flank incision as well as Coniflex and broach-style cutters are available in the product range of bevel cutting tools.

Supplementery Services for Cutting Tools

We support you in the tool design, optimization, and throughout the lifecycle with sharpening, repair, resurfacing and reprofiling.

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