Technology Partners

Supplies high-quality processing machines to tool and mould makers, and manufacturers of precision parts. The innovative technology solutions include electric discharge machines, high-speed milling machines, machines for laser ablation, and automation.
World leader in gear machining technology; offers complete solutions around the gear wheel. These include machines, tools, processes and technologies which are required for the development and production of bevel and cylindrical gears.
Slotting and shaping machines, as well as broaching machines for the highest requirements. The scope of supply incorporates the entire process, including machines and tools, for machining straight and inclined internal profiles.
Market-leading solutions in broaching technology, including the overall process with machines and tools for the production of linear and inclined inner- and outer profiles in soft- as well as in hard material conditions.
Supplies high-precision tools and the corresponding technologies for broaching round and polygonal profiles, as well as for broaching grooves. The portfolio also includes horizontal and vertical broaching machines.
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